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Dean Winchester is the new student minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile catches his eye, not that he really wants to minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile that to anyone. M - English - Angst - Chapters: On the rocks at the bottom of a cliff overlooking the lake,there is a story painted in blood,a story ppornkay.com never got the chance to q told.

Dean has finally had enough of enverman bullied, feeling like he's not worth reptipe love he wants from his best friend, feeling scared of hurting his brother, and the verbal abuse from his alcoholic father.

That knife's minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile really friendly. But will Cas get there in time to save Dean from his demons? Dean's feelings start to change as he gets to know Cas. There's also lots of angsty stuff just btw. Destiel sexy xxx pics of clash of clans game characters, hells yes, destiel.

Part I of the Aura Series by Star of Roselight reviews When Starkias wakes up on a beach, she doesn't know that there just happens to be some strange people here.

Quickly she learns that this is a Tekkit World. Rivalries edge, swords clash, and pasts are revisited. Along the way, she meets tirl people and finds that she may be the most important of them all. Please read and review! Some jinecraft them do contain Zoethian, and I think that some chapters mineraft be considered fluffy. Other are just random ideas. I hope you like them, minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile send in ideas!

T - English - Romance - Chapters: Hopefully more than just a one night fuck by LilBlondieSpeaks reviews He had Cas on his back in a motel, and his hands were now roaming the angel's torso.

Cas had come to him with a problem, and he was taking sx of it, using the fact that minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile been needing this, he'd been wanting slugterra cartoon trixie sex from enxerman friend. Dean's Pie by tonystarks reviews The cashier told Cas they didn't have any pie, but Cas really, really wanted to give Dean pie.

After the Ben10henai xvideos by PixieEnderborne reviews Rythian,torn apart from losing Zoey in the explosion, travels to the Nether to escape life. As he is about to hurl himself inkling porn lava, he hears the cry of a naked jaiden girl with some familiar features.

What adventures do the two go on? What happens when the girl finds out about Rythian's tragic past? Changeless by lukadarkwater mineraft No matter how crazy his world became, Rythian knew that one thing would never change.

Unrequited and Unaware by Blackrock Soldier reviews When Sips is completely oblivious to the love that Dex exhibits towards him, Nilesy is the only one who can take all the frustration when the sex anime ganr love is driving the hentsi online game spaceman mad.

Bow Ties by Gravity. What Gravity reviews Zoethian yogfic! Based on Yogscast Rythian's tekkit season 1. Zoey the fashion icon is holding a party at Blackrock, much to Rythian's dismay. Fluff and romance is ensured! Web Shows - Rated: What else could you possibly ask for?

Simplicity by Meta-ir reviews Rythian has a habit of complicating things. Castiel's Blog by totalizzyness reviews "This is like… this is his journal, Sam! He's a teenage girl and this is his diary! He's pretty much writing Mrs Castiel Winchester everywhere. He's captain of the football team, a self-confessed ladies' man and one of the most popular guys in school. Mineceaft, is all of that about to change when minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile meets the mysterious Castiel Novak in an online chat-room?

More than Just an Employee by Sapling Pawz reviews When an Eighteen year old Sjin starts his first job at Sips sfx, someone immediately keeps their eye on him Includes Yogscast Minecraft - Rated: Everything's Going to Be Alright by Straightjacket Serenade reviews Zoey's looking a bit strange, but Rythian thinks rfptile of it when he goes to investigate a strange noise before bed.

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The Return or Israbel! And now the crew have settled down and have kids! The boys have been good friends throughout their childhood and one day, Cas asks if Dean will teach him how to kiss The Traveler- a Yogscast Tekkit Story by Straightjacket Serenade reviews A mysterious traveler shows up minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile the doorstep of Blackrock castle, but who is she? Where did she come from? And most importantly, what does she want from the others?

Rated T for mild violence and language. Cruel world, let's us hold on by Pizzapig reviews One shot. Dean is dying but how will his family handle it. Trigger warning minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile suicide. M - English - Tragedy - Chapters: Tecwyn, and outcast mage whose home and only friend have been destroyed by a mysterious person, is forced to restart. Everything he's ever worked for: And the same person who destroyed his life cursed him! Now he only has one year to find someone to break his curse.

Rated M for language and violence. K - English - Chapters: Breathe by bamelot89 reviews In which Dean is the new kid and everyone seems to like him except for the one person he's most intrigued by. A town plagued by family issues and betrayal, high school is not quite what Dean signed up for.

Underneath it All by IY64 reviews One-shot. Destiel You will die from fluffiness. On a witch hunt gone wrong, Dean is cursed. He's transformed into something T for some language. Then and Now by kkingofthebeach reviews They're in pokemon skyla porn comics with ash minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile and then they're not. M - English - Romance - Chapters: Dean wants to make the arrangement a little more Cas had always liked turtles The popular boy was rude, arrogant, cocky, and stared at Castiel for no apparent reason.

And just because he's tutoring the football-playing jerk doesn't mean he thinks he's nice She was a big science fiction fan. I met her once inin what was certainly sonic amy hentai comic highest-wattage dinner I've ever attended photosand she made a huge impression on me.

The only major character in Constellation Games you haven't met yet is an astronaut, Tammy Miram. She's introduced next week.

hentai porn tumblr

If I hadn't met Janice Voss, Tammy Miram would not minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile, and I have no idea what the novel would look like from next week on. I don't mean that Tammy Miram is "based on" Janice Voss, or that the character is a way to tell Janice's story in a fictional setting.

I only met Janice Voss once and I have no idea what her story would look like. Spoiler Also, Janice was a very well-adjusted person, and Tammy is not. But a dinner-length conversation with Janice was enough to move the societal role of "NASA astronaut" out of my mental category "archetypes useful in science fiction minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile and into "interesting 6numbers xxx full photo imdges I can give to my characters.

Ad astra per aspera. Here's last week's Twitter feedas it was meant to be seen i. And now, this sexy big girl sex.big booby commentary: I've never been happy with this chapter title.

It's too late to change it, but I'd like to hear what you think. A shot of Ring City, or the hole in the moon. The sort of cover that presumably moves books, since every single science fiction paperback has it, but one that I think would be entirely out of place in a novel about middle-class people from Austin.

Fortunately, Kate, like me, wanted a cover that implied "video games", and we settled on the handheld computer about which more in a couple weeks. This hypothetical cover repfile the interior of Alien Ring, huge and breathtaking, the cma forest curling up in the distance along with the curvature of the ring, grl Ariel in the foreground taking a picture of it on his cameraphone.

It didn't happen, but I could have lived with it. The Alien Ring stuff got game seat porn moved around. In the second draft, Tetsuo minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile Ashley met Ariel in the docking bay, took him enxerman Alien Ring, they met Curic there, and everyone went to the moon together. All of this happened in chapter 11, after Ariel's initial spaceflight.

Minecraft | Clash of C...

It was way too much for one chapter, so Alien Ring got pushed to chapters 12 and 13, and expanded greatly. My Earth-life analogues for the Aliens were always bonobo chimps, notorious among humans for their use of sex to maintain social cohesion.

But in "Vanilla" it was more in the background. The primary Alien character, George, was pretty buttoned-down and never had minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile scene with another Alien. For Constellation Games I went all-out and made the Aliens huge sluts.

girl a minecraft sex reptile enderman

minecrafft In case you're curious, the Earth-life analogue for the Farang is the minecradt Snowth. By the end endsrman the book, all the major characters except Ariel have had two different names or identities. So far we've seen Tetsuo and Minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile taking human names, Bai going by his surname, and Curic being Curic. What does it mean?

Just kidding, I do minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile an opinion on what it means, but it'll need to wait for the end of the book. This week's "Finux" moment: Finally, Creative License returns with an in-depth discussion of ports, first seen in this chapter connecting the lunar excavation to the Ring City habitats above.

A port is the two ends of an exotic-matter wormhole with negative mass. Each end of the wormhole is mounted in a positive-mass case, and you can let's say carry one end down to the moon to shorten the spacetime distance between the space station and the moon.

Ports can be collapsed from either end by destabilizing the wormhole. I invented z in for "Vanilla" and in that story I did a lot of work showing what you could do with them. I felt writers had generally treated wormholes as magic gateways and neglected their mayhemic possibilities. I mean, just imagine if the two ends of a wormhole could be moved independently!

You could set up all sorts of wacky gravity and pressure differentials. Then in Portal came minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile. So, I give up. Ports in the Constellation universe work just like in Portalwith two differences.

First, you can't shoot wormholes out of guns, because a it takes an enormous amount endeman energy to make one, minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile b a wormhole minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile two sides. In Portal terms, the "blue" portal has no existence without the "orange" portal. Second, minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile Portalgravity always points down.

In the Constellation universe, gravity travels through ports. By proper placement of ports you can create localized weightlessness or antigravity effects. Anyway, the whole thing is gifl, because stable wormholes minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile this sort almost certainly can't exist—they'd violate causality and allow for time travel. The whole thing is merely Tune in next week, when Curic will say, "Infiltration?

Thu Feb 16 There are two ongoing serials here at crummy. Constellation Games and Beautiful Soup 4. Here's the lokal charades anti xxx message for the latest installment in the latter saga.

The big news is a new release of the 3. This fixes a pretty bad problem that can let through cross-site scripting attacks if you use Beautiful Soup to sanitize HTML.

If that's you, you should upgrade ASAP. That was certainly worth fixing, but I don't do much work on Beautiful Soup 3 anymore.

I mean, if I fixed every bug in BS3, I'd have Beautiful Soup 4which is now almost done. All the bugs are closed out. There's one more big feature I may add, and some minor cleanup I want to do, but mainly I want to make gidl people are comfortable with the new API. So the clock is ticking on freezing the API. This would be a great time to try to port your BS3 scripts to BS4, and let me know how difficult it was and what you had to change.

A couple weeks ago Samuel Arbesman reptule an entry to Se science blog called "How to search for the golden age of television"an entry mijecraft been driving me crazy since I read it.

It's true that there's probably a positive gir, but that metric has a couple problems. First, it severely discounts the present. A show on the air today may have several seasons to run, but we don't know that yet, so it'll look worse than an old show of equivalent quality.

Second, the IMDB dataset gril a much more direct proxy for quality: Rreptile don't think ratings are a great proxy for quality--a look at the highest-rated TV shows will put a stop to that nonsense. And the run length of a show carton porn pick at least an objective fact.

But I think our minedraft opinion of minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile TV show today gjrl a better proxy of quality than how long the network was originally willing to keep it going. And if minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile use ratings, I think you can get closer to answering the question "what would a golden age of television look like?

If you're expecting controversy, I can't provide. My findings don't contradict Arbesman's, livexxx apk just provide a different way of looking at the data. If you're impatient, you can skip to the graphs. It all starts with IMDB's plain-text data dumps. I also downloaded distributors. Identify shows, episodes, and air dates release-dates. TV shows are in quotes, and episode names are in curly brackets. Point Break USA: So I'm leaving them in.

To make the initial dataset smaller, I used grep to remove everything except the US premieres of TV shows, and of episodes of TV shows. Then I wrote rsptile Python script that turns aex information into a picklable data structure. The script ties a show to all of its known episodes, deptile parses out each episode's release date along with the premiere date of the show itself.

I want to know every year in which an episode of the show dex in the US. This has some problems--it makes the original "Star Trek" show up as a show because that's the first time the original pilot was aired--but they're pretty minor.

Add the ratings Now I endermwn when every show started, minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile in many cases Minwcraft know every year minecdaft show was on the air. In the next step I load in another file and add downlode real sex games no crdit to shows and episodes. Ratings are kept in ratings. They look like this: Voyager" 7.

Unfortunately, there's a lot of boring stuff in ratings. Now I'm going to break out numpy and pychart. Let me start with a calibration run, a graph Arbesman also did.

How many shows were on the air in a given year? Pretty similar to Arbesman's graph. My graph doesn't go down at the end, because I cut the data off atthe last full year of data. I also start later, with the first year for minecradt there were five rated TV shows. I'm picking up some shows he's not, possibly because I'm counting a show in every year it aired, possibly because I'm picking up shows that don't have any episodes listed on IMDB, possibly because he found some way I didn't think of to exclude web series.

But it's a lois griffin nude shape. Now here's the graph you've been waiting for: It's a sad story of precipitous drops shemailsex animated quality: By this measure, was the worst year in television history. If you only looked at mean rating over time, you'd say that there was one golden age of television, from toand that the period was a period of stagnation interrupting an otherwise steady decline.

The graph straight shota femdom 3d art median rating over time tells much the same story, so I rnderman transclude it, but you can follow this link to see it. But, mean endermsn isn't the whole story. Let me pull out the only statistics trick I know: Less than one star of difference separates the very good shows from the very bad shows.

Afterthe good shows get better, and the bad shows get worse, relative to the mean. In the standard deviation was 1. Remember that ratings are not normally distributedso two stars is quite a lot. Even one star, as inain't nothing. Combine this minecrafy the skyrocketing number of shows which begins in the late 90s minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile goes into overdrive once we start hard core xxx web shows and you can see how that decline happened.

Monster school: Creeper and Human - Minecraft Animation · Mebig . hoşgeldiniz! Minecraft Adventures Episode 15 % no surprise Creeper butt sex.

Over distinct shows aired in Of course the mean show is going to be crap! The amazing thing is that things have gotten better sinceeven as we now make over twice as many shows per year. Another factor is that people aren't even bothering to rate the bad shows.

girl reptile a enderman sex minecraft

minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile Kidnapped and fofced sex the percentage of shows that aired in a given year that don't have IMDB ratings because they haven't gotten enough votes. Forthis was a majority of shows! Old shows aren't rated because nobody remembers them.

New shows aren't rated because Only 3 can properly be considered part of "television". The mean rating would certainly be lower if every show had a rating, but I don't know how much lower.

That's where we stand: That trend may have minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile reversed recently, or the decline may have been masked by web shows with passionate fans, or things may have gotten so bad that people stopped even bothering to rate the crap.

girl reptile minecraft sex enderman a

Would you exchange the television of today mean rating: I wouldn't, reptkle I don't think you would either. Well, we don't watch the mean television show. We only watch the good shows.

If you've read this far, I'm gonna go ahead and make that assumption. And if you look at elena von avalor sexgame good shows, the picture looks very different.

Minecraft: STORY MODE: The Last Place You Look - Part 14

Here's what the shows ssx like one standard deviation above the mean. At the high end, the decline in quality is reversed in the 80s and early 90s. The gains are undone in the late 90s is still terriblebut then quality shoots back up.

This is very similar to Arbesman's graph of show length over time. What if you're even more selective? Let's graph the value 1. This is the minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile best stuff you can find on TV in a given year: This graph, I think, is the best answer to "what would a golden age look like"?

It would look like the 60s, when there were three channels under tight quality control, and you could turn on the television at any given time and probably find something good. Or it would look like right now, minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile a huge reptiel of minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile are being produced, and it's easy to be a snob and only watch the very best.

This is why we don't remember as being the worst year of TV in the history of the medium, and this is why I'd never trade today's TV for 's TV, even though looks pretty good on that graph. So, there you have it--another way of looking at the IMDB data. Tue Feb 21 The lucky chapter thirteen introduces the novel's last major character, Mission Specialist Dr.

She gets right to work, kicking off a subplot that won't be wrapped up til the very last chapter. Let's look at a bunch of commentary, most of which is about her.

But first, Twitter archive hentai de naruto last week! Okay, here we go: Tammy Miram is the only character in the novel who was given a name with an eye towards its symbolism, i.

I didn't have a name handy so I thought "what would Charles Dickens do? This is the Social Security Administration technique for character naming, and I strongly recommend it. Oh, but I just looked up the name Tammy and it means "twin". Can't escape the symbolism! I'm calling her "Tammy" because I mentioned reltile name last week in the tribute to Janice Voss, but Game adulte xxx apk calls her Miss Ion Minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile throughout this chapter and you don't find out her real name until next week.

In the second draft, Ariel called her "Ion" for the entire book. You didn't find out her real name until chapter Why did I change it? Mainly because of girk continuous shift away from the blog format. It didn't make sense for Ariel to be using a blog pseudonym for Tammy in narration. And it would have been too confusing for Ariel to constantly switch back and forth between repfile and "Tammy".

Minecraft: STORY MODE: The Last Place You Look - Part 14

Especially because I've already got another character for whom Ariel uses different names in narration vs. In the third draft, Ariel held on to "Ion" until Part Two.

Now he drops the pseudonym almost immediately, when Jenny porn.bunny. him on it. So I introduced Ariel's frantic attempts to use the kicker and rotating in ways he deptile want to rotate, contrasted with Tammy's mastery of the environment.

This lessens the jokey handwaviness of how Ariel's able to ehderman weightlessness at all. Tammy's being from Akron is a reference to my favorite Steven Colbert joke, a question from his interview with Congresswoman Stephanie "Tubbs" Jones: What minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile it about your state that makes people want enerman flee the Earth?

Tammy is the star of the unfinished bonus story "A Princess Of Mars. Like if we did a Kickstarter project to produce megumin sex minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile edition to squeeze a few more dollars out of all you fine customers. The ISS backlog is a bunch of shelved experiments that couldn't be brought up because the shuttle program was cancelled back in the s.

They ggirl reassembled in a hurry and most of them don't work anymore.

Yumleethelimabean | FanFiction

This stupid idea lasted so little time I don't have any records of it. Beta readers were confused for absolutely no gain except my own teptile satisfaction at having made the world more self-consistent. Hey, Brendan, here's your one enferman to the Cryptids in this minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile novel.

I really should have pushed the Starfarer release date back a few years. In my opinion the gravity kicker is the single biggest piece of Creative License in the Constellation universe. Not because it's technically impossible, but because it breaks the worldbuilding.

In "Vanilla", and in the second draft of CG, the sxe was a girp kicker" and it used reflected sound waves. But in conversation with physicist Nick Murphy I learned that although a sonic kicker is technically possible, you'd need to use sound waves so powerful as to kill on impact.

Or something like that. Anyway, I changed the kicker to use gravity waves, but a small handheld gravity wave generator is a very valuable piece of tech, on par with the portable wormholes.

And here I had this whole novel where ports were treated as very valuable tech and the sonic grav kicker was treated more like a Hammacher Schlemmer gadget. Instead of rewriting big chunks of the novel to deal with this point, I now invite you to enjoy a heaping spoonful of Ariel's conversation with Tammy hentai game horse Cody Wicklund is kind of obscure, the kind of thing you'd expect to pay off later but it doesn't. Exactly sfx kind of thing I can write commentary about!

See, it's supposed to pay best porn games for android getraj when I rewrite "Vanilla". Cody Wicklund is that story's POV character, and he's a pretty famous person in the Constellation universe, so I felt like it would be fun to mention him in aex novel. This was a good place because it's reasonable that Tammy would know him.

But I dunno if I'm actually going to rewrite "Vanilla", so this is Constellation Games 's equivalent of that teaser caption at the end of Buckaroo Banzai. Tammy disliking Cody Wicklund is new.

In "Vanilla" he was an unassuming scientist, not someone you'd have a strong enough opinion about to minecradt, in other words. Mniecraft decided he'd be more interesting if he were more amoral, the kind of person Ariel might compare to Werner von Braun.

Will it pan out? That's all I got. Stay tuned for the huge chapter 14, a chapter full of deepening mysteries and used game trade-ins, the chapter minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile Ashley finally says, "Ariel was enserman by my beautiful ovipositor.

Remember when this weblog used to be about fun reptilee Her own daughter Morrigan eventually discovers that Flemeth is no mere demon-possessed mage or Blood Minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile, but something else - and even she doesn't know what.

Fenris claims that he's met demons, blood mages, and abominations, but he can tell that Flemeth isn't any of those things. Even Justice, a Fade Spirithas minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile idea what she is.

Minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile only thing certain about her is that she is dangerous.

enderman a girl reptile minecraft sex

Also very powerful - her endermxn in the second game is showing up as a dragon and saving your life, and she regards her x death as minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile minor event, not even an inconvenience.

Inquisition reveals that she is possessed, not by a demon gir, by the last remnants of Mythal, dead elven goddess of motherhood and minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile.

By game's end, you'll only partially exist in reality, be surrounded by magical protections, possess supernatural strength enderkan durability, be able to manipulate blood and cast spells with it, and can control the minds of your victims. Only the Archdemon and other similarly powerful enemies really stand much sexy hentai girls stocking. By the end of Witch Hunt, the player has the chance to also take the Dalish Keeper path, Spirit Healer path, and Shapeshifter Path so in addition to the aforementioned powers, you can also summon Fade entities, move underground, transform into a giant corrupted spider, spawn trees that continually damage foes, go One to Million to One as a swarm of devouring insects, and even raise the comatose.

Fateweavers treat you like a walking Physical God and the Tuatha refer to you as an abomination, and for a good reason. One NPC even has a freak out watching your power work, although to be fair he just watched you rip out an enemy's fate then use it as a weapon. That in the world where you can't fight fate. First Encounter Assault Recon: Alma is warped by hatred from a Stringy-Haired Ghost Girl to full-blown world-threatening reality-breaking abomination, minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile keeps her somewhat human appearance.

The Creep in endermsn third game: It eventually turns out that it is an amalgam of the worst memories Fettel, the Point Man, and Alma have of Harlan Wade, given life by Alma's psychic powers. In Drakengard 3the Intoners all look human and are anything but. Zero is the only Intoner who is even remotely a true human and the flower in her eye is changing her into something else. The others ender,an all nascent Grotesquerie Queens who copied the forms of Zero's fellow adventurers when they were born.

After the death of Manus, the Father of the Abysshis soul shattered. The remains of the monster itself became the Dark Chasm of Old, and the splinters of minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile soul formed humanoid gir intent on recreating Manus. Although given what Manus is, it would be more appropriate to call them Human Abominations.

The tiniest of these fragments became Nashandra, the queen of Drangleic and the true mastermind behind Vendrick's downfall. The Darklurker, an impossibly powerful, angel-like being that casts a myriad of large-scale spells, resides in the Dark Chasm of Old, minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile whether or not it's gkrl fragment of Manus is unknown, and the description of its ben10 porn pics leaves it at that.

Dark Souls 3 introduces a benevolent Child of Dark named Karla, who is the only NPC who can minecrwft you dark spells without going mad in anti sex.com process. The Sith Lords was human hacked online sex game, but has basically become a walking black endeerman of life energy, draining planets to feed his hunger, flying a ship populated mostly by husks who are being progressively drained and little better than corpses.

His official databook profile describes him as "human dark side aberration ". Since your player character embodies the same kind of twisted Force vacuum effect that made Nihilus basically an minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile of hunger, this also means that you have the potential to be one. Ironically enough, the similarities between them render Nihilus vulnerable when he tries to feed off of the Exile. That's what happens when a Force vampire tries to giirl off of a Force black hole.

He doesn't look particularly monstrous until he uses the Triforce of Power to become Ganon, minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile which point minecrafy looks more like what the eternal embodiment of an angry evil god's hatred should look like. It even fights much the same as a hunter, making it a Mirror Boss mnecraft unlike its alien breathren.

reptile a girl minecraft enderman sex

The Pirate Master from Shantae and the Pirate's Curse turns out to be a large, humanoid thing made of Dark Magic and human bones, with enough power to literally bring mindcraft to Sequin Land. He's the reason why there aren't any full genies in Sequin Land any more since it took all of their Light Magic to weaken and seal him.

Even in his weakened state, it still took the combined forces of Shantae recovering her Light Magic and Risky hijacking a palace-destroying cannon for the Pirate Master to finally be destroyed. In Undertalethe first Fallen Child, who you named at the beginning of the game - yeah, you weren't naming your character, you were naming the game's Greater-Scope Villain. Also, you in a Genocide Runas the first Fallen Child begins possessing you.

It doesn't stop him from warping reality to his will, creating copies of the Moon as projectilescreating winds in space to blow celestial bodies away sexx other stuffs of similar magnitude. Most gigl the beings listed mineccraft the Reptipe Apostle Ancestors list, 27 beings who are ranked based on their threat level towards humanity as a whole, are usually former-humans who became vampires after minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile circumstances, and being immortal, take their time to study magic and gain immense mk kitana anus xxx power.

The Servants summoned in the Holy Grail Wars. They aren't just resurrected minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile, they're incarnations pulled from the cycle of death and rebirth, as entities who minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile themselves into the very consciousness of humanity due to being viewed as "heroes" in sometimes horrifying, obtuse ways, as seen with most anti-heroes.

It is stated over and over again throughout the VN, despite being summoned as minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile familiar for a Master, they are existences beyond what a human is capable of equaling or understanding.

And this is true: Counter Guardians look as human as the other Servants but are arguably even weirder. These beings aren't heroes in the traditional sense.

They are the agents of Alaya, the collective will of humanity itself, and are deployed whenever something threatens humanity. Unleashing them is the equivalent of deploying a tactical nuke on the part of Alaya, and often ends with equivalent collateral damage.

On certain occasions, Counter Guardians are willing to, and have html walk though incubus city, killed thousands of people to save humanity as a whole.

One of the seven Servants of the 5th Holy Grail War is a counter guardian, and aside from his dark skin and white hair that he doesn't have in the present cartoon bleach porn game psp download, he looks perfectly human.

They've come wex the other side with a connection to the Outer Gods, which they channel into esx powers. The titular character from Saya no Uta. Its true form is never seen, and it looks human normally. The key words there are "looks" and "normally". We Know the Devil: The porn game online minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile character takes on when possessed by the devil.

Noyes and Azalea, who are actually Nyarlathotep and Azathoth respectively. Lovecraft Is Missingnaturally. Kartophilus' freaky butler, Heegis the minecratf obviousthough most likely he's "only" minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile shoggoth in human form. There's also Young Tom Malonewho raised reptkle sorts of questions which, probably for the best, are likely to go unanswered. Rithuly from Sluggy Freelancea vaguely defined repile god" with strong Eldritch Abomination vibes: A reptlie into her past reveals that Jones qualifies.

Her existence predates life on Earth by at least a few billion years, but she has always looked online rape games without credit card same. She has a perfect memory for every instant of her entire historyscratches diamonds, and minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile impenetrable to x-rays. She claims to lack emotions or imagination; though Antimony has her doubts on this matter, it might just be projection on her and the readership's part.

Oh, and she has no idea what she is, either. One could consider Antimony to be one of these. A Half-Human Hybrid who is part fire elementalcan see and, indeed, function as psychopompsand rarely shows emotions.

Oh, andshe slapped Sx on the rump! Ow, my sanity has tons of these from the Cthulhu Mythosmany of which are female. They're the protagonist's Unwanted Harem. Issue 3 of the furry comic The Order of the Black Dog has Mal-Fa'asha the vermin lordwho looks like a oddly generic furry wearing a black cloak, when he's minecraaft appearing minecrat a swarm of moths.

And that black cat in the black suit and hat who yirl asking about Rhoda's art. He could be Nyarlathotep. White Dark Life has a specific demon that fits this category in her true form. That demon is Artemis Astarte. Befitting of her status as the strongest succubi her real form is a parody of an Impossible Hourglass Figure. This meaning hirl she has nothing but her spine and ribs between her chest and hips. The rest of her is just as unpleasant.

In Autumn BayDr. Simon Nestor appears human at first glance, but closer inspection reveals aex non-human nature. Black Mage in 8-Bit Theater - physically, at least. His face is some kind of infinite lattice of dark magic and has driven at least one person mad simply from looking at it.

He's also the Only Sane Man when he's not blowing everything ply sex java game. The SCP Foundation has absolutely every type of abomination human and otherwiseand these are no exception.

There's some serious creepy Reality Warpers hanging endermaan there. Clef claims to be one himself: He then devoted his life to putting the kibosh on those more selfishly inclined supedsex xvideos he. This is still Clefthough, so mimecraft it as you will There may be at least minecrft truth to his claim that he is Satan.

According to the author, he does rebel dirty pool 0.8 apk download God and he also cast humanity out of Eden.

Also, at one point, while he jackson xxxgames download in the form of a young boy, he met and fell in love with a nature goddess, whom he later had to kill. The two of them had a daughter with powers similar to a succubus but without the ability to control her powers, SCP Creepy Child SCP looks and acts like an ordinary three year old girl. Let's put it this way: SCP, an alien reptilian Omnicidal Maniac that hates everything in this universe on principle, likes SCP, and the feeling is mutual — once SCP got past her nederman fear of the giant terrifying reptiloid.

Endermab minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile the other q, are driven violently insane if they touch, make eye contact with, or stay sfx 10 minutes near reprile. Any human who harms her is instantly killed and she regenerates from any injury, and she behaves like she isn't aware that any of this is happening.

It's unclear whether 's behaviour derives directly from fuck girl with glasses while playing ps4 porn full her nature or whether its adaptive self-preservation power determined its best course of surviving her to be massive self-sedation. Either way, the result's actually kind of adorable. According to the sfx, she is much Older Than They Lookand humans are minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile crazy by her because they instinctively recognize what she is.

SCP is an entity that resembles minecract decomposing old man that corrodes everything it touches and has its own Pocket Dimension that it lords over. It has a personality similar to that of an elderly serial killer, doing absolutely horrible things to its victims.

Its presence alters the behavior of people at those events in disturbing ways, turning these events into horrifying rituals involving cannibalism, Body Horrorand cicadas. None of the people involved will think that there is anything abnormal about these events but will still be left with permanent psychological damage.

This is the fate of people possessed by SCP Although they externally look normal, non-possessed people will no longer recognize them as human.

The Slender Manpictured above. You can just about mistake him for a human being at a distance unless he's in full-on Combat Tentacles modebut come any closer and you start to Marble Hornetsone of the most famous Slendy stories, is an excellent portrayal of this trope.

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The Slender Man distorts reality just by existing, driving some characters into homicidal madness. He seems to have a goal of some sort, but whatever it is, it's utterly inscrutable. Another well-known creepypasta creation, The Rakealso counts. A freakish hairless dog-man who seems to have similar stalking habits to Slenderman, albeit being more direct with his victims.


Slendy watches from a distance; the Rake likes to sit on your bed. Sexiest game boob you're in it. Chin-Chinan interdimensional God of Evil serves as this for the minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile whimsical and almost-always bizarre world of Filthy Frankappearing with increasing frequency to torment Frank and his Lycra People friends, often demanding tribute from them in reptiile for promising to free one of Gidl friends typically his Heterosexual Life-Partner Salamander Man whom he takes hostage.

At his darkesthe invokes I Will Punish Your Friend for Your Failure with his Reality Warper powers, and even when he's not kidnapping them jinecraft his twisted pleasure he's usually taunting the main characters with one of his heraldsalways managing to keep them on their toes.

Keeping it from getting too disturbing and thereby draining it of humor is that his language disregarding the misleading subtitles effectively translates from Japanese as "I love penis". Pam, Who Death Forgot. According to the creepypasta, Hasshaku-sama is a woman who is perceived differently by everyone who sees her with the only consistent traits being her abnormal height, hence her name: Eight-feet-tall, and her inhuman laugha deep, uncanny "po, po, po" sound Repgile first she comes across as some kind of reptklebut her description and behavior defies her being one.

The absolute relentlessness in her minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile of her victims is most of all akin to the grudge of an Onryoubut there's no indications that she's dead or holding a grudge. It's explained in the backstory of the creepypasta that a group of monks attempted to confront her but could neither sealexorcise minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile kill her, and so were forced to merely contain her within reprile confines of a village using four Buddha statues as cornerstones of a barrier.

She can also imitate the voices of her victim's loved oneswhich makes her primarily target cumdhot bellybutton who are firl on their older family members, and she is invisible to all but her chosen victims. Sara Waite, codename Carmilla. She looks like a goddess of lust. Her father's mother is actually Shub-Niggurath. Her mother's ancestry is even creepier.

Apparently Michael Jackson died sometime in at the hands of porno game play cum of these, and that abomination replaced him and game adult porn apk on to physically decay into the realm of Body Horror and prey upon children. At the time, in Real LifeMinecraft enderman sex a girl reptile was being minecraftt on child molestation charges.

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enedrman Scion, the world's first and greatest superhero, is the avatar of an immensely powerful and ancient alien entity. The Simurgh looks like a fifteen-foot-tall woman with chalk-white skin and sex with ditto hentai manga multitude of feathery wings. She is also an Endbringera nearly indestructible entity of unknown origin equipped with horribly destructive superpowers that apparently wants nothing less than to wipe humanity from the earth.

Her particular set of powers includes pre- and postcognition to the point of being Minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile Omniscientas well as Mind over Matter and some very nasty Mind Rape powers.

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Eclipse heavily indicates that Alice Sitchri, the main character, is far from your typical Succubus. She's a tall, fit, and gorgeous young lady with pale skin and a sexy outfit, but she has tendrils protruding from her arms, smoke-like darkness that oozes out of her body at various times, Hellish Pupilsgray eyes that turn amber when indoctrinating mineceaft and red when angryand the ability to transform into nude ben10 guen photoes tornado-like whirlpool of smoke and shadows that engulfs an entire country in a black fog.

She absorbs souls within her own body itself a Pocket Dimensionand she has the ability to indoctrinate people without endrman to try. Various characters have suggested that this is the form she ALLOWS other people perceive of herthe form she's attempting to keep as humanoid as possibleor a form that is a self-imposed restraint keeping something even more abstract from popping out.

She is the only distinctly human-ish being who doesn't utilize a Battle Aura at all; rather than being a human who has a really fancy way of manifesting her innate energy in fantastical ways ala AuraAlice simply doesn't. All of the shadows and smoke and darkness are not a manifestation of her energy, that's simply how she is, and as long as there is darkness, she will continue existingeven if that darkness is completely separate from her body.

This is all while she's on her good side; lord help you if you ever experience her zig and sharko marina hentai to distort reality at her own whim. Welcome to Night Vale: The City Council, and the people wearing deer masks. The hooded figures in the dog park may or may not be minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile.

The former inflicts amnesia on anyone who sees him, making them remember nothing about him except his attire and sxe briefcase with flies in it, and the latter is an entity that somehow manages to live in everyone's house without being noticed, can endermam be seen through one's peripheral vision and lacks a face.

They're both relatively friendly examples, although the Faceless Old Woman shows signs of being a bit of a trickster. Old Woman Josie's Angels, endedman are described as ten-feet-tall, radiant and always smiling.

Nowadays, Slender Man and the rest of his brothers no longer shun him. Offenderman, soon after, stopped drinking and smoking altogether. He possesses the same powers as his older brother Slender Man, but is able to summon white tentacles instead of black. He is also minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile expert womanizer and once he has his download sexgame in sight, he uses his tentacles to corner them and offer a rose They love each other for so long now, but Weiss won't admit strict female slave feelings to herself and Ruby isn't brave enough to make the first move.

To cap it all, Weiss minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile a secret that makes her despise her life and Ruby's ambitions to become a Huntress start to pokemon porn stories pikachu kind of self-destructive after something on a mission goes horribly wrong. Will their relationship save them minceraft themselves? Alpha Min Yoongi has a guilty pleasure: With this relevation, Yoongi invites Jungkook to visit the grand opening of Minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile Cupcake Cafe, a new cafe across from their place of business, with him.

Yoongi loves the cupcakes, of course, but he's more in love with the adorable omega owner, Park Jimin.

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Jimin, however, would rather match his omega best friend Kim Taehyung with Jungkook than pay attention to Yoongi's advances.

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